Zuma Jungle Legend

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It’s high time to go to mystery Jungle Legend with the super game of Zuma!
All you need to do is destroy all the rocks from the playing field to win the level. And every next level will be harder and harder, so try to be quickly and attentive!

You will need to match balls in combinations of three or more elements of the same color. Sometimes some presents will appear on the level, so try to shoot them to have extra bonus. As a rule, they are hidden somewhere in balls. Please, take a note, that each bonus has its own special qualities. For example, a sighting ball will improve your hitting accuracy, a clock will slow down the movement, a lock will stop balls, a bomb will destroy all adjacent elements.

Each player receives only three lives, and therefore it is worth saving them. Having lost them, you will need to start all over again. We wish you good luck in this difficult endeavor to protect the treasures of the Indian tribe. Let the game begin!

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