Candy Zuma

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The most delicious version of the Zuma game, especially for lovers of sweets. So this game will suit for both adults and the children. Because who does not love different sweets, candies, biscuits, cakes and lollipops? That’s why our developers are happy to introduce you this mind blowing game free and online!

On the playing field you will see candies that will move across the field as ordinary balls. You will need to beat candies of the same color, which will be 3 or more. Be fast and skillful! If you fail to destroy all the candies before the serpentine line reaches the black maelstrom, your game is over! Collect various add-ons and bonuses that are hidden among the incoming sweets.

Candy Zuma will be wonderful for children, because in addition to the colorful picture, the game also has very cute music. So you can take your child with you and have a wonderful pastime together playing so nice and logical game. And do not forget to bring sweets and put it near you, because surely you will decide to eat something tasty!

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