Zuma Inca Ball

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Thanks to this Zuma Inca Ball you will be in the real ancient word. At the top of your screen you will see an eagle in which mouth there will be balls of different colors, all you need to do is get into other balls, which will move across the playing field and knock out balls of the same color. Go to the mysterious temple along the winding paths, which are blocked by many balls of different colors.

You will play with special cannons that have eagle with the same bullets. By shooting from it, you can create a one-color group of several numbers. The fact is that there are three or more of them in the group. Such structures will disappear from the field, and if you can destroy everything in this way, the path to the temple will open. You will learn how to get various bonuses in this game, as this is where you throw balls and land. You may find that the balls stop moving or twist their movement a little. You can select a spinning ball using the space bar.

We wish you good luck!

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