Lost Island Zuma

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Thanks to this game, you will feel on the Lost Island Zuma. The new version of the game Zuma invites you to explore new tropical islands that you can find in the very heart of the ocean. And people have never seen them, so no one knows what and who can live in these forests. But sooner or later all the riddles can be solved. Even if it is very difficult. But you are lucky! After all, you can reveal all the secrets of this magical place, thanks to the game Lost Island Zuma.

You will have as many as 20 difficulty levels and the goal of the game will be to make sure that the snake from the colored balls does not get into the lair to the totem. For each shot of the same balls, you will receive bonus points. Be vigilant, be accurate and be fast! And believe us, all the secrets of this island will be revealed to you!

The Lost Island Zuma game can be on full screen, and, besides, it is completely free and you do not need to register anywhere.

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