Zuma Craigen: Stones of Thum

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The game for real daredevils. A game with an interesting storyline that combines the usual Zuma ball shooter game. Here you will meet Craigen the Barbarian to find some more Ale. Here you will find a real story of a brave Craigen the Barbarian who will fight for the love of a beautiful lady and go through as many as twelve difficulty levels that you must help him to go through to win.

This game was created for real players who are tired of usual Zuma games and want real adventures. All you need to do is connect stones of the same type, try to make sure that the snake of stones does not fall into the monstrous den. Try to remember that in each level you have a time limit, therefore, you need to be quick and vigilant.

If you feel that it is game for you, so let’s start to play the game Craigen: Stones of Thum, and you will not be disappointed for a second. Let’s start to play it right now, our dear conqueror of Zuma worlds.

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