Zuma Marble Blast

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Thanks to this game, you will find yourself in the most real Ancient Egypt. Pass more than 40 difficulty levels and enjoy the unusual game of Zuma.
If you have never played the game, you can familiarize yourself with the rules. This is a marble shooting game in which you have to shoot the marble with rows of colorful marble lines in order to destroy them. Zuma balls or marbles will come in the marble and you need to carefully aim from the marble shooter to create 3 balls of the same color. It is easy to play, but addictive one.

Your goal is to clear all the balls before they reach the end of the path, and in the meantime, complete as many balls and combinations as possible to get the highest score. And in this version of the game you will have a lot of tips, such as: color the balls in any other color, stops time, or the bomb that will remove all balls from the field. Therefore, if you get stuck, you can always use them. Have a good game. Play it right now in online mode and without registration.

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