Zuma Classic

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A real online free version for lovers of the Classic Zuma game. Sun, flowers and a riverbank with golden sand … The beach has several winding paths leading to the discovery of unknown creatures. In this version of the game, as before, you have to stop the progress of a chain of colored balls as quickly as possible.

Help the frog! The fast and accurate goals to set is a group of colorful balls. And don’t forget: the ball must be the same color! If you make a good shot, the group of balls will disappear, if not, the ball will just join the line. The game “Zuma Classic” is multi-level and you can keep going until you are successful. When the first ball hits the hole, the game is over and you lose.

There are no pauses in the game, and the pause between levels is very short – only a few seconds. To do your win quickly, you need to create combinations of at least 3 identical balls. With each level, the speed of the chain increases, new colors of the balls appear. Good luck!

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