Zuma Frog Ball Game

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Everyone likes this game from the 2003 year, we are sure in it. But this is the newest version of it, it is much brighter, and much more beautiful picture. Especially for those who want to immerse themselves in a world inhabited by the famous stone frog named Zuma, but not a very powerful computer, which is the game Zuma Frog Balls. It will appeal to all fans of this popular arcade game, but they will not be burdened with high system requirements.

The aim of the game is simple as always: you need to make that the colored balls-snake, doesn’t got into the hole, otherwise the game will be considered finished. The frog is greedy and does not show the player the next ball to be thrown like in the game Zuma Ball. So be careful and precise with your punches! So, if you want to enjoy a wonderful pastime, start to play in Zuma.
Moreover, how many levels can you complete and how many points will you get? Become the new champion of this game by earning maximum points in the free online game “Zuma Frog Balls”.

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