Zuma Dynasty

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Ancient China has always amazed with its amazing history, with its myths by the gods who represented in the form of huge dragons. Because, according to all Chinese legends, it was dragons who protected people from various dangers, of disasters and terrible situations.

In this game Zuma Dynasty, you have to be a real dragon and your goal will be to save the majestic country. Well, in front of you there will be a huge moving line in which there will be colored balls and your goal will be to stop its movement. Only when your playing field will be free of all the balls you can save all people in this huge country.

The more simultaneous removal of balls in combo combination you will have, the more points you will get. Besides, sometimes you will come across balls with special illumination and if you hit them you can earn additional bonus points and unique opportunities. So be careful! Also at each level the difficulty will increase, and only real dragons-winners will be able to complete the game to the end!

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