Egypt Zuma

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An unusual game of Zuma in the ancient Egypt, because there are as many as three layouts, as well as many levels that you will go through with the different levels of difficulty. The colors were chosen as cheerful and cheerful, with a predominance of bright yellow and light blue.

From the very first level you will be greeted by a scarab beetle that will shoot balls of different colors at a passing snake from balls. Your task will be to make the snake did not get into the mouth of the totem.

There is nothing complicated here, but the bright, cheerful background and funny rotating balls act simply bewitching, forcing you to plunge deeper into the atmosphere of the game and explore, conquer more and more levels.

For each level passed, the player receives not only honestly earned points, but also a bonus for time. At the end of the level, the user moves to a new hall, becoming closer to the earthly incarnation of the god – the pharaoh. The panel to the right of the playing field, decorated in the same Egyptian style, provides basic information about the game.

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