Zuma Deluxe 2

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Zuma Deluxe 2 is the most famous and popular version of the online game. Classic Zuma will forever remain a favorite of many players. Beautiful graphics, many exciting levels and a simple and straightforward bonus system.

The game Zuma Deluxe 2 starts with unusual music and in a magical meadow, on which a frog sits, holding precious stones in her mouth. Your task will be to throw these stones at other stones, that will snake across your playing field. There is a skull at the end of the road. You must avoid this. Try to destroy the entire line before you get to the last point. If you fail, you can start again, but it’s best to put in the effort and complete the task on the first try.

Click on the page to open Zuma Deluxe in full screen. In this case, the graphics will be much more fun! It all depends on how fast you think and shoot accurately. It is worth noting that each mistake complicates the level. Haste can be a dangerous enemy, but you must act quickly. Enjoy the classics of the genre!

Let’s see who wins: you or the game. Go through level by level, which will be 13, and become the winner of this wonderful game.

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