Zuma Jellyland

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This shooting game with radically new rules of the game, a fresh idea and a kind of presentation, that will surprise fans of ordinary and long-loved shooters. The game of Zuma Jellyland will be perfectly suit for girls or those who are sweet tooth. It is full of joy, sweeties, colorful pictures and so on.

Your aim is to match jellies of the same type by shooting them with sweets of the same shape. There can be jellies in the form of hearts, stars, lollypops and etc. The whole game is divided into levels, in which the task becomes more difficult, but not too much, so as not to discourage the desire to “shoot” as many candies as possible.

Shooting with candies is very simple, because the developers have not changed the basic principle of the game, making only candies instead of balls. Choosing groups of sweet treats, you need to hit them with the same candy launched from a standard arrow catapult. It rotates easily, allowing you to choose the right direction for the shot. Go in faster!

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