Zuma Atlantis 2

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Are you really that hero who will be able to guess the history of the ancient island, that is forgotten many years ago, and which is called Atlantis? If yes, then this is an addicting puzzle game Zuma awaits you. In this version of the game many beautiful and amazing levels, with many bonuses and difficult puzzles.

The Zuma Atlantis 2 game is for real adventurers. On this version Zuma Atlantis you will meet Craigen the Barbarian, who has a lot of things to do, a lot of adventures. This game was created for real players, who are tired of usual Zuma games and want real adventures. You can open the game in full screen, so thanks to this opportunity, you would be able to plunge into the amazing world of riddles and incredible adventures even faster.

The rules of the game Zuma Atlantic are quite simple, as in other mind games, all you need to do is shoot a ball at a passing snake to colorful balls and make it 3 (and more) the same colors of balls. Because if you shoot one color of balls in other colors, the snake will not become smaller, which means it will increase and the passage of the game only becomes more complicated. As soon as the first ball falls into a hole on the playing field, then the game will be over and you will not pass the level.

If it is you, so let’s start to play this wonderful game, and you will not be disappointed for a second.

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