Zuma Magician

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On our site you can get acquainted with an amazing version of the Zuma game. Here, you will find as many as 13 difficulty levels in this Zuma Magical. In the middle of the field, instead of a frog, there will be magician, with outstanding multicolored balls, and all you need to do is, as usual, take all the colored balls from the field by throwing balls of the same colors.

The snake seeks to escape and hide in a deep hole in the ground. You need to prevent this from happening. At the initial levels of the game, this is not difficult to do, but it is still interesting. The snake moves quite fast, but the player has the opportunity to slow down its movement by knocking out several colored balls from the chain at once or using balls with special marks.

By the way, it is irrational to download the game, because there is constant free access to it on our website. The game is very interesting, stressful and uncomplicated, so it has a lot of fans in different age groups.

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