Zuma Craig of the Creek

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If you like adventures, then Zuma Craig of the Creek game especially for you, because in this game three friends go in search of amazing world of adventure. Like real adventure lovers, when you find a treasure map, you cannot resist and go in search of it. You are waiting for a different level of difficulty, but only together you pass this difficult and previously unknown path. In the Zuma Craig of the Creek game, real adventures await you. Here you can even control a real cannon that will shoot with colorful balls.

Your tasks will be to click on the direction you want to shoot balls to collect combinations of 3 or more balls that will leave the field. You can also change the color of balls. The balls will move across the field with a multi-colored snake and your task is to hit exactly the balls of the same color as this ball that will be charged in your cannon. If you hit the ball of a different color, the snake will only increase, which means that the chances of victory will be less and less.

All you need is to think quickly and then you will become a winner in this game.

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