Zuma Ball

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We propose you to enjoy the unusual game of Zuma Ball. Here you will have more than 40 difficulty levels. The developers of this version have completely preserved the rules of the game in Zuma, but have corrected the plot, making it more modern, vivid and interesting. Magic music will take you to an unusual island where many treasures are hidden and it is full of unknown mysteries. You will not understand when the atmosphere of mysticism begins to envelop you, because in such a game you completely dissolve in it.

If you have never played the game, you can learn the main rules. In short, the main goal will be to hit with a ball of the same color in the same two or more identical balls. After all, if you get into a ball of different colors, the snake will not decrease, but on the contrary, it becomes longer and longer. And in this version of the game you will have a lot of tips, such as: color the balls in any other color, stops time, or bomb that will remove balls from the field. Do not waste your time and start it right now!

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