Zuma Hit or Knit

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This version of Zuma Hit or Knit is a game designed specifically for children. Thanks to this game, they can develop logic and quick thinking. But who doesn’t like little cute kittens with whom you can play with. And in this game it is such a nice kitten who wants to play with you in a ball of wool. Are we able to resist him and deny him this beautiful game?

You will need to knock out balls from the wool which kitten holds in his hands. Match 3 or more the same colored balls and they go out from playing field. The main thing is not to make the balls fall into the wool tent. If a ball of the same color falls in a ball of other colors, then unfortunately your snake will become more and more longer, which means that you will have less and less success to win.

I wonder what will happen at the very end? Will be knitted sweater made of woolen threads or the kitten will be able to untie everything these strings and sweater will not be tied? Which means that the kitten will not wear it…

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