Space Zuma

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We want to introduce you the new version of the Zuma game, that is perfect for space lovers, because those who want to fly into space, to visit different planets, to see different Galaxies, etc. should certainly hurry to start playing this amazing and extraordinary game.
The game Space Zuma will appeal to every fan of games associated with the galaxy. And here you will see a snake made of balls that will move across an unusual field in the form of a black hole, and with a help of rocket you will shoot these balls to complete the level. The balls will be all different colors and your task will be to hit the ball with the help of rocket in the double balls of the same color. Otherwise, if you miss, then your snake will become closer to the black hole and the path to your victory will take longer and longer. Become the best player and the most accurate. Aiming well with your rocket, or then you will certainly take your own luck and will not stay in this galaxy, but go through the level further and find yourself in new unknown worlds.
The game is perfect for beginners who have just begun to get acquainted with the world of Zuma.

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