Maya Zuma

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Welcome to the wonderful and extraordinary world of the Mayan tribe. This ancient time possessed great knowledge that people are trying to unravel until today, because some of them are available to mankind and some are hidden under seven seals. So everyone tries to solve them faster than another person.

In this Maya Zuma game, you can to visit the ancient land of this tribe and show all your dexterity, strength and ingenuity, because here you will see the Labyrinth along which the snake will move, it will be made of balls.

Your task will be to prevent this ball from reaching the entrance to the cave. Will you be able to overcome this game or it is the game that will defeat you? This remains a mystery, but you know, if you pass the first level and start playing the next, then with each new level you will have a new location, a new path, a new Labyrinth, and this game will make you relax and get nervous at the same time. We wish you enjoyable game and also victory in this difficult task.

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