Zuma Marble Duel

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Here is the most unusual version of the Zuma, in which the real history is hidden. A new version of the Zuma game which is not just an ordinary game where you will throw balls at a snake, such as the game “Zuma Frog” or “Zuma Shooter”. Here you have to come a whole story, a fairy tale, which means this game is ideal for both adults and children.

You will meet a little girl and her best friend, that is a teddy bear, who found themselves in a magical forest. And then we all know Teddy bear, a lovely nice teddy bear that wins all hearts. And now he will help his friend go the hard way in the game of Zuma. Why are they there and whether they can get out without falling into the hands of the villains, all this and more you will need to find out for yourself! On your road there will be unknown paths and you will have to throw colorful balls to find your way and get to the next path that will lead you to your final goal.

Good luck!

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